The Future of the Anode (C, Si, Li) with Professor Shirley Meng

Discussion with Professor Shirley Meng about the future of the anode. Including Carbon, Silicon, and Pure Lithium Metal (C, Si, Li). Shirley has specialised in nanomaterials engineering and I think she’s the perfect person to speak with about the recent excitement around silicon anodes (nanotubes, nanowires). Today, the focus will be silicon, but we’ll also go a bit broader and talk about what we can generally expect from battery anodes in the next few years.


0:00 Introduction

0:54 Silicon Benefits and Challenges

6:28 What can we expect?

10:06 Nanomaterials & First Cycle Losses

13:40 Silicon vs Lithium Metal

22:03 Lithium Metal Timeframes

26:50 Graphite

29:15 More Brains Needed!

30:22 Pre-Lithiation (Lithium Doping)

31:51 Data Standardisation

32:52 Supercaps

37:35 Elon’s 400wh/kg Comment

39:28 Hopes

43:26 Closing Thoughts: The Grid


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